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FIDUZ Danish Design Lifestyle Products

Welcome to F-Design - Danish design lifestyle products

F-Design is a design company based in Denmark. F-Design both designs and manufactures lifestyle products such as the famous FIDUZ Bag In Box Wine Dispenser, FIDUZ Heated Bread Basket and FIDUZ Wine Cell wine holder. Our main goal is to bring you unique beautifully designed lifestyle products, where convenience and quality are the main keywords. All of our products are designed and developed by our talented Danish designers.

FIDUZ Design Shop

Fiduz products are available in many stores in Denmark, Norway, Belgium, France and Finland. You can buy Fiduz Originals here from our official danish online shop or please contact us for more information about where to buy our products near you.

Want to be retailer or distributor?

If you want to become a reseller or distributor of Fiduz Originals please contact Allan Jørgensen either at or by phone on +45 40151144 for more information. We are always looking for new distibutors on new markets, so don't hesitate to contact us.

Our main FIDUZ Originals products

Down below you can see our three main products. If you wish more information, please contact us for brochure and other specs.
FIDUZ BiB Wine Dispenser

FIDUZ BiB Wine Dispenser

The Fiduz © Bag-in-Box Wine Dispenser is Danish Design at it's best. Design and functionality is combined into a beautiful and well functioning product. Wine served from the dispenser draws attention to the quality of the wine, rather than the fact it is 'boxed wine'.

The wine dispenser enchances the whole experience about enjoying boxed wine or BiB as it is also called. The bowl is easily lifted from the table stand for refrigiator storage or easy serving round the table. Included with each dispenser is a Cold Pack to keep white wine chilled.

The dispenser can also be used for other refreshments such as juice or lemonade using the new Refill Bags. Lighten up your buffet by serving chilled refreshments from the dispenser, or maybe your childrens birthday party? The dispenser is available in colors of the season.
FIDUZ Heated Bread Basket

FIDUZ Heated Bread Basket

Having freshly baked bread is one of the many joys of dining. The Fiduz © Bread Basket keeps your bread fresh and warm with a special bag of wheat grains, which is sewed to fit in the bottom of the basket.

You simply put the wheat grain bag into the microwave for a short amount of time and place it in the basket. The basket is mode of cotton and will keep the bread fresh and hot while closed in the top.
FIDUZ Wine Cell

FIDUZ Wine Cell

Wine Cell is a brand new concept of how to store your wine bottles at home. As you are able to place the Wine Cells one-by-one on the wall, it is only your imagination that limits how you wish to design formations. Create a pattern of bottles of your own design or download and print out presets.

A Wine Cell is easy to mount on a wall and only requires basic skills with a drill and screwdriver. After inserting a wine bottle into the cell you gently twist the wine cell to level the bottle horizontally.

Wine Cell comes in a quality gift box including user instructions, screws and raw plugs. Each box contains 3 pcs. of Wine Cell in your color of choice.
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